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Thank God for his Word.  His Word guides us and leads us.  His Word gives us discernment and instructions for life.  I would argue strongly that it is more than just knowing His Word; it is living His Word.  What’s the gain if you are able to quote scripture, know it verbatim, and do not apply it to your life?  I would argue strongly the more you know about the Word the more it causes you to live the Word.  To be able to apply the Word to your everyday life, that whatever you do you follow the Word of God.  We would be so much better if we applied the Word to everything we do.  Our homes would be better, and we would stay on the right path and not take detours. The scripture reference for the devotion today is found in Psalm 119:105 and reads as follows:

 “Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.”

Here in this deep and moving passage of scripture the psalmist declares the power of God’s Word.  Throughout this Psalm, the psalmist declares his trust in the Lord.  Unashamedly he will never forget the precepts and commands of the Lord.  He loves the law of the Lord and meditates upon it day and night.  He indicates that his soul is constantly in the hands of the Lord.  The psalmist’s life is constantly in danger, but he does not lose hope.  He puts his trust in the Lord and indicates that his strength comes from the Word.  He indicates that the lamp is under his feet, it steadies him, empowers him, and it guides him.  He does not lose his footing; he is safe and secure.  Praise God today that when we follow his Word, we can walk without faltering