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The God we serve is more than enough. He can supply all our needs according to His
riches. His abundant blessings never run out because He has more than we need. What
a blessing it is to know that our God can handle everything! We can depend on Him.
He is our rock, our shelter, our everything. Morning by morning new mercies we see.
No matter what you stand in need of, give it to God. If you need healing, He is a healer.
If you need strength, He will supply the strength you need. In Psalm 62:7, we find these words:
“My victory and honor come from God alone. He is my refuge, a rock where no enemy can reach me.”
Here the psalmist acknowledges that God is His salvation and the rock of his strength. His enemies will not shake him. He begins the Psalm, indicating that he is waiting patiently for God to give him victory. Even though his enemies may rise up against him, he is confident that God is more than enough, and will be able to handle his troubles. When you get a chance read this entire Psalm. I am hopeful that you have already discovered, just like I did, along with the psalmist, that God is more than enough!