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Life at Ogada Children's Home

  During the school year (January – December), the high school and college students live off campus at their respective schools.  The elementary school children rise early, have a hot breakfast, and then walk to their school which is very close to the Children’s home.  They return to the home for an one hour hot lunch and then finish their school day until late in the afternoon.  When the school day is complete, they play for a while, bathe, and have a hot dinner.  Before bedtime they have devotions and study their school work.

Meet Emily Opiyo - Ogada Manager

Serving as the manager of Ogada Children's home in November of 2015, Emily has been working professional with children for the past ten years. She has training in social work, community development as well as children's ministry. Emily is passionate about providing an environment for children of Ogada that brings them hope as she works with the staff to create a culture of care that meets their physical, emotional, spiritual and education needs. 


How long is my sponsorship commitment?
As a sponsor, we ask you to commit to sponsoring your child for at least 1 year. Many of our sponsors choose to
sponsor their children for several years, or until the child has completed their education. We understand that life circumstances change.

When does my child graduate from the home?
A child graduates when they complete their education. For some students this includes primary school (through 8th grade) and then a few years at a trade school. For others, they complete primary school, secondary school (high school) then a four-year degree at a college or university. We desire for each child to complete the
highest level of education they qualify to attend.

How can I contact my child?
If you’d like to contact your sponsored child please email your letter to Crystal at Chariots for Hope at
crystal@chariotsforhope.org and she will make sure your letter gets to your child.

Can I visit my child?

YES! Please contact us at heartandhand@bbc4christ.org.