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For almost two years, we have been dealing with Coronavirus. We have seen countless people become sick and die. A lot of sickness was not unto death. God healed and they recovered. That is not only true with this virus, but with cancer, diabetes, and other illnesses that God has healed. He has healed broken hearts for those who grieved. He is a marvelous healer. He has healing in His hands. The scripture reference Mark 5:27.

“She had heard about Jesus, so she came up behind Him through the crowd and touched His robe.”

Mark writes of a woman in the crowd who suffered twelve years of constant bleeding, spending all her life savings on many doctors with no relief. She heard that Jesus was part of the crowd. She went behind Him, touched His robe, and was healed. Jesus healed her despite the pressing crowd and felt her touch through His robe. She was just one of the many that He has healed. I know He is a healer for He has healed my body. I know I am not alone for God’s powerful, blessed hands have also healed someone reading this devotion. There is healing in His hands. Praise God, that we serve a God who has all healing power. We must worship Him and give Him thanks for He is a doctor who has not lost a case.