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This devotion serves as a word of encouragement for all of us who hear bad news one time or another in our lives. Anyone reading this devotion and has not heard bad news, just keep on living. We cannot escape the fact that none of us are immune to trials and troubles. God’s Word is clear. In this life, we will have trials and troubles. That is just part of life. If we are honest, whenever we hear bad news it can shake our foundation. It seems like we are never fully prepared to handle bad news. Nevertheless, today’s devotion reminds us that we need not fear bad news. In Psalm 112:7, we find these words:

“They do not fear bad news; they confidently trust the Lord to care for them.”

These words ring out with faith and confidence. The psalmist begins this psalm by saying, “Blessed is the man that fears the Lord and greatly delights in his commandments. Be not afraid of evil tidings.” The man whose mind is fixed upon God is able to stand, regardless of the news to come his way. The psalmist is rooted in the love of God, so he has no fear of the evil ones. His faith and trust in the Lord is real. Bad news cannot deter him from trusting God. He is clear that his faith is stronger than fear. My fervent prayer today is that your faith is strong and that you have complete trust in the Lord. Do not waiver in your faith when bad news comes your way. Rely upon God’s power, knowing that no weapon formed against you shall prosper.