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Have Faith in God

Every believer should have strong faith in God, faith that will help us in every phase and facet of life. Life has so many twists and turns; we can be up one day and down the next.  There is nothing we can truly depend on. We can be gainfully employed today, only to find that the company is downsizing tomorrow. Our health can be excellent one moment, only to find that we have become weak and frail the next.  The list of things that can change rapidly is long, but with faith in God we can make it, regardless of what comes our way. In Mark 11:22, we find these words:

“Then Jesus said to the disciples, ‘Have faith in God.’”

Jesus is teaching His disciples what is necessary in order for them to experience the power of God.  The answer is simple; have faith in God.  He wants them to obey Him and believe that He can do the impossible.  He used a simple illustration of a dried-up fig tree (verse 21) to make His point.  Jesus goes on to speak about the power of prayer (verse 25.)  When you get a chance, read this moving
story.  Prayerfully, all of our faith is in God.