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Today’s devotion speaks of the need to have a submissive attitude. Our hearts must always be open to God. I would argue that far too often we have left out the word submissive in our vocabulary. We cannot truly serve God unless our hearts are open to instruction. We cannot do things our own way and expect to please God. God is our Heavenly Father and we are His children. We must submit to His way and will. As parents, we expect our children to be submissive to us, and God expects us to submit to Him. Proverbs 28:9 is our scriptural reference and reads in this manner:

 “If anyone turns a deaf ear to my instruction, even their prayers are detestable.”

In this passage, the author writes of being open to God. One cannot turn their ear away when it comes to the law. Even their prayers will not be heard when one dishonors God. The writer also indicates the consequences that come when we fail to honor God. Those who cause others to go astray will also miss God’s blessings. I pray that you have a submissive heart and attitude, for obedience is better than sacrifice.

Proverbs 28:9 (NIV)