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Today’s devotion speaks of the way we live our lives. Do we live lavishly? How do we spend our days living? Do we have a giving lifestyle? Is giving a part of our lives? Have we learned the secret of true happiness and fulfillment by giving? Is it our spiritual nature to be generous, sharing in the way we live? On the other hand, do we hoard things? Are we stingy and selfish? Can people say that we are generous souls? Today’s devotion speaks of having a giving lifestyle.  Proverbs 11:26 references this:

“The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.”

In this wisdom literature, we see the contrast of two lives. One is a people who hoard their blessings and the other blesses others in times of need. Throughout this chapter, the writer speaks frequently about becoming wealthy and stingy and losing everything. Powerful words speak of living a productive and meaningful life. In thirty-one verses, the writer gives insight on how to have a godly lifestyle. In this chapter, the reader can discover that the richness of life is not in accumulating things, but in giving freely to others. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we remembered that we brought nothing into this life and will take nothing when we leave? All that we hoard will soon be in vain. However, as we share with others, not only will our lives be blessed, but God will get the glory. I close with these words: the Lord loves a cheerful giver. Prayerfully, you are a cheerful giver. Your wardrobe, your car, nor your house will measure your lifestyle. Instead, it will be measured by the lives you touch.