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I believe with all my heart that every believer ought to have a frame of reference. There ought to be things that you look back upon and see what God has done. He has done remarkable things in all of our lives. I would argue that at times we forget, especially when we are going through trials. Yet, there is a blessing in remembering. Think of His goodness to you. There is no way that you can handle problems on your own. Remember what God has done. The scripture reference is Psalm 143:5 and reads in this manner:

“I remember the days of old. I ponder all your great works and think about what you have done.”

The psalmist takes time to remember the goodness of the Lord. He begins this psalm by pleading with the Lord to answer His prayer. His enemy tracks the psalmist down, and confronts him with his power. He acknowledges that somehow fear has paralyzed him. He then remembers what the Lord has done. When you get a chance read this entire psalm. The psalmist is transparent about where he is and remembers how great God has been. He has a frame of reference. Prayerfully today, you have a frame of reference and can reflect upon God’s grace and mercy.