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Hallowed Be Your Name

The Lord’s Prayer is rich. I know that we can all “recite” it, but the omnipotence of our God should cause us to enter into His presence humbly, reverencing His holiness and righteousness. When these words are spoken, it should be with adoration and praise in our hearts that we have for a Holy God. Know that there is power in His name. Hallowed be the name of the Lord! In Matthew 6:9, we find these words:

  “After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.”

“Our Father,” God’s sovereignty and love, expresses our dependence upon Him as a loving Father. The phrase, “which art in Heaven,” moves beyond simply the lines of heaven and earth and highlights His Divine power. “Hallowed be thy name” exposes God’s authority, majesty, righteousness and holiness for which honor and reverence is due. Glory to thy name! Some tend to try to bring God down to our level. But we cannot approach Him in the same way we approach humans. He is in a class all to Himself. There is no king like this King. There is no power like His power. There is no throne like His throne. No kingdom is like His Kingdom. Kings, Potentates and Presidents will all come and go, but He will reign forever and ever. Hallowed be thy name! Amen. Amen means let it be so. Amen means that it is done. Amen means it is finished. Amen means there is nothing to add. Let the church say Amen!