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On this Good Friday, I reflect upon the words of the Rev. Dr. Tony Campolo who would preach at the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church’s Good Friday service for many years. He would say with conviction, “It is Friday, Sunday is coming.” I remember those words as if they were spoken yesterday. Under the dynamic leadership of Reverend Dr. Albert Franklin Campbell, the Pastor Emeritus, many others, and I were granted the opportunity to bring the Seven Last Words. That service has continued with the current pastor, Reverend Donald Moore. It is a very moving experience. When you leave that service, you feel like you have been at the foot of the cross. It is a rich and powerful service. This is a rich and powerful day, and a time of reflection on the Master’s finished the work. Our scripture reference is John 19:30.

“When Jesus had tasted it, He said, ‘It is finished!’ Then He bowed His head and gave up His spirit.”

John, the gospel writer, records Jesus’ words from the cross. There was nothing more to be done for the Master had done it all. No one took Christ’s life. He laid it down fully and freely. He completed the task given to Him by the Father. Jesus knew that His mission was accomplished. Before that, He said He was thirsty: not for earthly water but for the presence of God. Thank God today that the Master accomplished His mission. The story does not end on Good Friday. For early Sunday morning, He got up with all power in His hands. We look forward to Sunday morning. Because He lives, we can live also. Death had no power over Him, nor does death have power over us. Thanks be to God today that salvation has been completed. We can say Amen. Amen means it is done, finished and over. Case closed.