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For the last several days, I have been sharing these devotions form Mark. The Spirit
of God has continued to speak to me in this fourteenth chapter. Prayerfully this has
helped you in your daily walk. I am convinced that without the leading of the Holy
Spirit, these devotions can be neither written nor read. I find myself totally
inadequate to pen some of these words. But, the Spirit of God speaks to my heart
and I want to grow each day with God. I want God to take me to a higher level and
go further with Him, not just in writing devotions, but in my everyday walk with
Him. I realize that I cannot make it one day without Him. When things are
troubling my heart, more than anything else, I need the power of God to make it.
So through the Spirit, read today’s devotion in Mark 14:35:

“He went on a little farther and fell to the ground. He prayed that, if it
were possible, the awful hour awaiting him might pass him

As Jesus pressed His way, He prayed that the hour might pass. This
narrative in Mark’s gospel portrays the loneliness and decisions that Jesus faced.
Even though He was alone as the disciples slept, Christ was not really alone,
because God was with Him. He was determined to go through the crisis that was
coming so that God would be glorified. He knew of the bitter cup and the shedding
of His blood, but he also knew that He would be united with His Father once again.
I pray that you want to go further with God, and that you have a made up mind to
reach your final destination to reign and rule with Him. Finish what God has started
and do not allow anything to stop you. Take courage today, as you travel with God
and let Him take you higher and higher.