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Yesterday’s devotion spoke about God renewing our strength. Today’s devotion speaks of God’s ways. Thank God, today, for His ways are not like our ways. We serve an almighty and powerful God who can do what no one else can do. He can heal. He can forgive. He can provide. He can bring light into darkness. That is our consolation today! We can trust and depend on Him. In Isaiah 55:8, we read these words of God’s ways:

 “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, saith the LORD.”

This passage describes the wonderful contrast between divine ways and human ways and thoughts. God’s way and thoughts are higher than ours are. His thoughts are completely different from our own. He forgives, as no one else can forgive. He loves, as no one else can love. God is not limited for He has absolute power. His understanding of the human heart is deeper than human understanding. He draws near to those who see Him and repent of their sins. He is always ready to forgive. His love is unconditional. That ought to cause us to shout. Thank God today that there is no love like His love; no power like His power, no peace like His peace. When I think of the marvelous love of God, I am compelled to say thank you! No one can do us the way God does. May you be encouraged today, to know that His love for us never ends.

Isaiah 55:8 (KJV)