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We cannot fully understand God’s ways. We cannot comprehend Him fully with all of our intellect and knowledge. His ways are far superior to ours. We can be so trite and small in our thinking: narrow in our ways. Many people are set in their stubborn and mean ways, unwilling to change no matter what. They even boast, saying, “That’s the way I am!” But I thank God today that the God we serve has ways that are divine and they touch the human heart. Today’s scripture is found in Isaiah 55:9:

“For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

Isaiah writes with divine revelation. God’s ways are higher than the earth. Despite all of Israel’s sufferings, trials, troubles, and stubbornness, God is merciful and kind. This mercy is what the prophet saw. God waits to be gracious, but His pardon is released according to His forgiveness. We cannot experience the mercy of God fully when our hearts are out of tune with Him. If there is to be any pardon from God, it is because God has granted us the blessing of pardoning others. He has absolute power and there is none higher than our God is. God is ready to forgive sin and He will abundantly pardon. Wow! How tragic it is that there are so many who will never forgive anyone even though God forgives everyone. That is incredible! Thank God today that He loves us like no one else, and that He forgives us like no one else.