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When we follow God’s way, we will never go wrong. For His way is perfect. Our way is never the best way. Whenever we try to do things on our own, we make a mess. Not only do we hurt ourselves, we often hurt others. I remember “Oh, to be kept by Jesus.” I have discovered what it means to be kept by Him, to follow Him and to walk in His way.  I have enough experiences unfortunately, to know the danger of going in the opposite direction. I praise God today that He knows every step I take, and He knows the plans He has for my life, and all our lives. Today’s scriptural lesson is Psalm 18:30:

 “God’s way is perfect.  All the Lord’s promises prove true.  He is a shield for all who look to Him for protection.”

The psalmist speaks about the power of the Lord. Throughout this chapter, the psalmist reveals much about himself as well as God’s people. Then, the psalmist speaks of the blessings that come from the Lord. He confesses his faith as a result of his personal experience. He knows that God provides for those who put their trust in Him. The psalmist extols the virtues of God throughout this psalm. He declares that he will thank Him and sing His praises. He adds his own testimony of what the Lord has done for Him. Countless people can testify to God’s power for they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can depend on God and that His way is perfect. Offer God your testimony and tell others that they can trust God for He knows the way.