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Coronavirus required adjustments to be made to the life of the church. At Bethlehem, we have put much emphasis on social media, live streaming our services and then we started hosting Fireside Chats. These chats were co-hosted by Youth Pastor Sean Tripline. One discussion focused on change. We concluded that change is good. We also recognized that for many people, change is difficult for us to accept. To be honest, we all have areas in our lives that we view as sacred and find it difficult to change. I pray that you are open to change, and that you are not satisfied where you are. Change in your life will allow you to develop a deeper relationship with God. Enhance your relationships, allowing yourself to see another’s perspective and grow. This is emphasized in our scripture lesson today found in I Samuel 10:6.

 “At that time, the Spirit of the Lord will come powerfully upon you, and you will prophesy with them. You will be changed into a different person.”

We see the promise of God, in this passage, that will bring forth new blessings. Saul told of how the Lord would come upon Him and he would begin to prophesy and literally turn into another man. Change would take place. Because of this change, the Spirit of God would move in a mighty way. This would be a great moment in his life. New things would take place and new opportunities would come. People would see this and marvel. Chapter 10 is an amazing chapter to read and to see that when we are open to change, God will use us in mighty ways. He will grant to us gifts and we will discover things about Him and ourselves that we never knew before. We must be open to God’s movement in our lives. Prayerfully, you are open. It does not yet appear what God will do through you.