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As you read this devotion, give God thanks for His provision. Deacon Vanessa
Brown prayed a prayer of thanksgiving during one of our Church Without Walls
morning prayer services, for the care that God had given to her and to her family.
Many of us can relate to Deacon Brown’s reference to God stepping in during bleak
times in our lives. I had a tear running down my face as I reflected on how God
interceded in my life when my family and I did not know how we were going to
make it. But thanks be unto God, that in the times of need, we are able to call on
Him and He hears and answers our prayers.
In today’s devotion, Psalm 50:15, the psalmist speaks about God’s provision:

“And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt
glorify me.”

The psalmist states that when we turn to God, He will come to our rescue. He
speaks of offering God prayers of thanksgiving. He thanks God for he has come to
realize how God has protected him even in the face of
his enemies. He wants the people to offer God
acceptable sacrifices. What a wonderful God we
serve! There is no want in Him. I pray that after you
have taken the time to look back over your life to see
what the Lord has done, you will follow the psalmist
when he says: “Offer to God sacrifices of praise.”