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I remember the Lord speaking to my heart one morning as we were ending our
Church Without Walls service. God’s words to me were, “When you wake up in
the morning, don’t wake up with an attitude, wake up with gratitude.” Some of us
go to bed angry and wake up that same way. We allow ourselves to have hard
hearts. Forgiveness is not even on our minds! How often have we heard, “Don’t let
the sun go down on your anger.” Learn how to forgive.
God’s mandate for forgiveness is found in Matthew 6:14:

“For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also
forgive you:”

As we forgive others, God will forgive us. Most of us have
heard this scripture before. We all need God’s forgiveness, not
only from our last experience in our old life, but in our current
experience in our new life. We could not live a day without
His forgiveness. If we all need God’s forgiveness, why is it so
hard for us to forgive others? Why do we say, “I can forgive
but not forget?” What we are really saying is that we cannot
forgive, even though God forgives us. Ask God to forgive you today so that you
can forgive others. It is not that hard, it is simple. Resolve to let go of everything
that has been stored up in your heart. Ask God to cleanse you to remove the
spiritual toxins from you and to purify your heart. Receive good measure for your
forgiveness as He has forgiven you.