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Thanks be unto God today, that He is a provider. He has made provision for us and they are abundant. All we need, the Lord supplies. There is no want in Him. He is able to meet our every need. That is mind-boggling that our lives are cared for because He has made provisions for them. What is it that you need today? Is it mercy? He will grant it to you, for morning-by-morning new mercies we see. Is it grace? His grace is sufficient for you. Is it forgiveness? He is available to you. Engage in an exercise today. Write what you need on a piece of paper. Then, write next to it; that you know that he is a provider by filling in that space. I read somewhere that when a parent forsakes you the Lord will pick you up. Abundant provisions are referred to in Psalm 132:15.

“I will bless this city and make it prosperous; I will satisfy its poor with food.”

This psalm reveals a glimpse of the Lord’s Abundant Provisions. Throughout this psalm, we read about the Psalm of David. We see how the Lord has chosen Zion. We see the Ark of the Covenant in the Temple procession. David would dance at the head of that procession. They would give thanks to the Lord declaring His goodness. The needs of the people will be met. The Lord will provide for them over their enemies. They need not fear. Read this psalm when you get a chance. You will see how the Lord has promised His people and provides for them. The same God that provided for them provides for us. Give Him thanks for all His abundant provisions. There is no want in Him. He can do all things and do all things well.