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Yesterday’s devotion was titled, The Renewal of Your Mind.  In keeping with that thought, today’s devotion is “Godly Thoughts.” The thoughts that come from our mind must be holy. We cannot fill our minds with ungodly things for it is true that as one thinketh, so he is. If you think good thoughts, you will do good things. If you think ungodly thoughts, you will do ungodly things. Never allow your mind and thoughts to take you out of God’s will. It is better that you do not allow them to enter in. That will help you to keep your eyes on God. Let me also say that you cannot do everything your mind tells you to do. Do not respond to ungodly thoughts for they will cause you grief and pain. Fill your mind with the blessings of God. Today’s scripture reference is Proverbs 23:12.

“Commit yourself to instruction; listen carefully to words of knowledge.”

In this wisdom literature, the writer carefully speaks of the need to have your mind focused upon the instructions of the Lord. Throughout this chapter, he speaks of the heart and the mind. Both are to be given to God. He speaks of getting the truth and becoming wise through discipline and good judgment. He warns against a mind that is consumed with pleasures of eating and drinking. Wealth will soon disappear. In this chapter, the writer speaks of the dangers of folly. He wants them to have godly thoughts. Read this chapter with an open mind and heart, allowing God to speak to you through these words. One who is wise will seek the power of God that they may say and do things that please Him. Prayerfully, you are wise and have godly thoughts that produce godly actions.