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God is a miracle worker. He has the power to change things that seem to be unchangeable. When we take the time to reflect over our lives, we are surprised at the many miracles we have been blessed with! I have heard people say how the doctor had diagnosed them with terminal illness, yet God performed a miracle and healed them. And there are others who have walked away from horrific car accidents that have baffled the emergency rescue staff and the doctors.  There are so many examples of how God works miracles. God has worked miracles in each of our lives to save us, to redeem us and to change our lives.  Some people want to remind us of what we used to be, but God changed the course of our lives, and we are here now to declare that He’s a miracle worker! In Psalm 105:5, we find these words:

“Remember the wonders he has performed, his miracles, and the rulings he has given.”

The psalmist begins by giving God thanks and acknowledging His greatness. He wants the world to know what the Lord has done, and he wants the people to seek the Lord for strength. He tells them to remember the miracles that the Lord has given them.  Through this chapter, he speaks of the Lord’s miracle working power.  He ends by simply saying, “Praise the Lord!”  It is my hope, today, that we will all praise the Lord for all the miracles He has done, as well as for the miracles He is going to do. Praise God for the miracles He has done in our lives!