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The peace that God gives us keeps us a perfect peace when we keep our minds and hearts through Jesus Christ. When we are not at peace, our hearts burn rapidly. We run the risk of stress, stroke and heart attack. When our minds are troubled, it takes an effect on our entire body. To be honest, we cannot always think “right.” To make matters worse, our hearts can become hardened, cold and callous. He has given us a heart of love that enables us to receive our desires. The scripture reference is Philippians 4:7 and reads in this manner:

“Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.”

Paul, the humble servant of the Lord, dwells on the results of true prayer. Paul knows that God’s peace will do far more for us than any careful planning. Paul is confident that the love of God will guide and direct them. Paul lives a life of peace and humility. In this chapter, Paul writes of the need to pray for everything that our requests be made known unto God. They were not to be anxious for anything knowing that God will guide their hearts.  We are called upon to acknowledge to God what we need, and to be open and transparent enough for Him to be first in our hearts. It is my prayer that you have given your heart to God and that He is guiding your heart today. If you have not yet opened your heart to God, you can do that today! He will guide your heart, he will give you peace, joy and you will find all you need in Him.