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One of the many attributes of God is He loves all of us.  This might be hard for some of us to understand.  If we are honest, we have experienced favoritism in some way.  Not only have we experienced it, but also in far too many cases, we have shown it. I have said to the congregation on many occasions there is no seniority in the church. I know this does not resonate with some people, because they feel as though they have certain rights because they have been members for a period of time. I remind them constantly, the moment someone walks down the aisle they have as much favor with God as someone who has served thirty or forty years. It may not seem fair, but God operates by different standards blessing those we consider undesirable or unworthy. Acts 10:34 speaks about God having no respect of persons.

 “Then Peter replied, ‘I see very clearly that God shows no favoritism.’

Here we have impulsive Peter speaking the truth.  Peter indicates quite plainly that God has no favorites.  Luke, the gospel writer, skillfully and carefully records this powerful truth.  God looks at the heart and gives favor as He wills without discrimination. There are no VIPs in God’s family. All of us are royalty, and He gives all of us His royalty.  Although, we do not deserve it, we thank God for His favor. I am so glad God does not have favorites. If He did, I probably would not be one of those to receive favor. I know how far I am from what He wants me to be. However, favor is what I have received and for that, I am so grateful.

Acts 10:34 (NLT)