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We cannot go around thinking that everyone is our enemy. There are well-meaning people that God puts in our lives. We need to have a spirit of discernment. Everyone who extends themselves to us is not always doing it in the spirit of love. We must always be on guard. Thank God for His all-seeing eye that guards and guides us each day! In Exodus 17:16, we find these words:

“He said, “They have raised their fist against the Lord’s throne, so now the Lord will be at war with Amalek generation after generation.”

In this story we find that the Amalekites attacked the people of Israel. Moses told Joshua to pick some men to fight the battle and he would stand at the top of the hill holding the staff of God in his hand (verses 8-9).  As long as Moses held up the staff in his hand, the Israelites were in the lead; however, if he dropped the staff, the Amalekites would be in the lead.   Read this chapter when you get a chance to see that God kept His promise because the Israelites won the battle.   May we all be strengthened today in knowing that God protects us from our enemies.