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It is such a blessing to know that God does not judge our outward appearance, but looks deep into our heart. Far too often, we spend too much time working on our outward appearance. We spend money that we do not have to try to look good. We buy elaborate clothing to try to impress others. At the same time, our hearts can be cold and calloused. We always need to take the time to assure that our hearts are right and pure with God. One can be dressed in fine clothing and still have a hardened heart. It is the heart that counts, for it is what God looks at! When God looks at your heart, what does He see? Does He see the heart of one who loves Him and His people? Does He see a caring and loving heart, or does He see a heart that is filled with envy and strife? God is a heart fixer and can fix your hard heart. Today’s devotion speaks of this and is I Samuel 16:7:

“But the Lord said to Samuel, ‘Don’t judge by his appearance or height, for I have rejected him. The Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.’”

Here, Saul has been rejected because of the standard of physical strength and height that is associated with his assignment. However, God looks on the inside.  Samuel is told not to look at the outward appearance, but look at the way God looks on the inside. This chapter speaks of what God looks for in His servants. Let me add, you can have all of the training, abilities of leadership, but if your heart is not right, God cannot use you. You may be able to pray with power, but if your heart is not right, your prayers are empty words to His ears. Prayerfully, God is pleased with your heart.