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There is nothing that we can hide from God. He knows our actions and our thoughts. Yet the amazing thing is that He still loves us despite some of the things we have done and thought. We may try to hide from family and friends. However, there is no hiding place from God. I have said to our congregation that none of us could have our lives put up on a screen for there are things we have said and done by all human standards, that disqualify us from serving in the house of God. Sometimes people remind us of what we have done in the past. They bring it up to hurt us or to show us that we are not all that we pretend to be. But, God never brings up our past. When He forgives us, it is over, done, fully and completely. Today’s devotion is I John 3:19 and expresses how God knows everything:

 “Our actions will show that we belong to the truth, so we will be confident when we stand before God.”

This chapter demonstrates God’s love. His love is deep and true. Consequently, we have confidence, according to the writer, that God knows everything. While the author takes pain in the previous verses to talk about how we ought to live. He then goes on to write that our actions belong to the truth. Although God knows everything about us, our actions should always reveal that we are children of God. We cannot do everything the world does, nor say everything that comes to our minds. We must always live up to our relationship with God. Thank God today that His love for us is rich and true.