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Most of us have heard people say, “God is good.” That is just a small expression of the goodness of God, because He is more than good. He is great! He is awesome. We sometimes say these words lightly failing to acknowledge His awesomeness. It is more than a saying. It is a fact! He is beyond good. God is great and greatly to be praised. The devotion today speaks about the goodness of God and is in Psalm 85:12.

“Yes, the Lord pours down his blessings. Our land will yield its bountiful harvest.” The psalmist in this verse speaks of God’s goodness, and how love and righteousness have kissed. He speaks of how the land will yield its bountiful harvest. He expresses in detail the goodness of God. He begins in verse one saying, “Lord, you poured out blessings on your land! You restored the fortunes of Israel.” The psalmist declares how great God is. He has held back His fury and not shown his anger. Praise the Lord that He will restore the salvation of His people. They need to be revived. The psalmist declares the power, strength, and love of God. He wants God to reveal his unfailing love. Prayerfully, you can say that God is good. God is great! Let those words resonate in your heart today. Be prepared to express your gratitude to Him by saying, “Thank you for your goodness.”