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God Honors Those Who Honor Him

 We are blessed when we honor God. We do so because He is holy and deserves our reverence. When we honor Him, He will cherish and bless us bountifully. He grants new mercies to all of us each day. He provides great favor and rich blessings to those who recognize His great honor. In 1 Samuel 2:30, we find these words:

“Therefore, the Lord, the God of Israel, says: ‘I promised that your branch of the tribe of Levi, would always be My priests. But I will honor those who honor Me, and I will despise those who think lightly of Me.’”

The writer indicates that God will bless those who honor Him. He will not take lightly their acknowledgment of Him, but rather He will bestow upon them rich blessings, and He will judge those who dishonor Him. Throughout this chapter, the author writes about what God has done to those who have turned away from Him and have caused Him pain. However, for those who have been faithful and have not wavered in their commitment to love and follow Him, He has and will continue to reward them greatly. It is my prayer that we honor God in all that we do. Let us give Him the first fruits of all that we have and worship Him with all our hearts, souls and minds. Honor Him with our tithes and offerings. Honor Him with the supreme sacrifice of ourselves. It is not for naught, because God will grant us the desires of our heart if we are true to Him.