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It is such a blessing to know that God cares for each one of us. There are no VIP’s in the family of God. All of us are special to God. Think about the mere fact that our Holy God cares for us. Because of His caring, we can take our burdens and troubles to Him and surely, He will bless us. There is a portion of scripture in I Peter 5:7 that speaks of God’s care for His children:

“Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.”

In this moving passage, Peter states that the Lord sustains those who put their faith and trust in Him. In the previous verse, we are told to humble ourselves in the mighty hand of God. Humility is an act of love that God has for His children. Those who humble themselves should not think of themselves more highly than they should. Humility takes us into the presence of God. We know God will exalt those who humble themselves. Peter’s supreme example of humility is Jesus. It is my prayer today, that as you express your gratitude to God for His care, you will worship Him with your heart, soul and mind and live a life of humility before God each day. Praise God that He cares for us.