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There are those who claim that they are too old to change. They are set in their ways and they are not willing to make any effort to change. Not only do they not want to change, they do not want anything around them to change. That is why we should never give up on anyone. God can change anyone. Some of us today know the changes God has made in our lives. We can say a wonderful change has come over me. He changes hardened hearts to soft ones. He has changed insensitivity towards people to a love and compassion for people. The changes that God has made are too numerous to recall. But, thanks be unto God today for each change He has brought into our lives. The one reading this devotion now can continue to be changed by God. I Corinthians 2:16 is our scriptural reference today.

“Who can know the Lord’s thoughts? Who knows enough to teach him?”

Paul writes about the Lord’s thoughts. He writes that people who are not spiritual cannot receive the truth from God’s Spirit. It all will sound foolish to them. However, those who have grasped His Spirit understand that God has the power to change lives. Paul writes they have now received the mind of Christ. Paul gives a message on wisdom because he knows full well of the power of God to change lives. Paul knew this personally, for he was changed on the Road to Damascus. The Lord turned Paul’s life around. It is my fervent prayer today, that as you read this devotion, you too can say that the Lord changed your life. You are not the same person you were prior to coming to Christ. If you do not remember anything else from this devotion, remember that God can change anyone. He changed me from a person of low self-esteem with no real positive outlook on life. Surely, our God can change you.