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Giving Your Best

Today’s devotion follows yesterday’s devotion titled, “Now,” which focused on putting God first. I am reminded of a song we used to sing in church, “Give your best to the Master, Give of the strength of youryouth.” In other words, in the early days of our lives, give God the best that we have. I might add, that in whatever state or season of life we are in, we should give Him our all … all of our minds, hearts and souls. We should not half -step by giving leftover offerings to God. Consider those who work in corporate America or other industries who are constantly called upon to give of themselves. Yet, when it comes to God and our relationship with Him, many of us stop short. He deserves our best! In Deuteronomy 17:1, we find these words:

“Never sacrifice sick or defective cattle, sheep, or goats to the LORD your God, for He detests such gifts.”

They were not to offer something blemished with little or no value to God, but they were to honor Him with animal sacrifices that flowed from their hearts. Today, we do not worship God with animal sacrifices, but how do we really express our gratitude to God? Do we offer Him our tithes or do we give Him loose change? Do we give Him sacred time or just a little time? Prayerfully, we are giving Him our best, and He is first in our lives. However, if for some reason He is not, it is not too late to change. Let God be first in all that you do and give Him your best!