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As I conclude this quarter’s devotions, I want to write about our need to give our love away. Love must be given in order for love to be received. In other words, love is more than just a word it is an action. If you tell someone you love them, you must show them. If the person does not know how to receive your love, it may be because he or she has never been given love. When we give love freely, we should be able to receive love freely. I can write an entire book on this matter of love. The question of “what’s love got to do with it” is answered by, “love has everything to do with it!” God gave His love away because He gave His love to us; He loved us first. In John 13:34, we find these words:

“So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.”

Jesus, the Master Teacher, tells His disciples that they should love one another. He goes on to say that their love for each other will prove to the world that He loved them. He wants that love that they have received to be given away to others. When they do as they are told, then the act of “love thy neighbor as thyself and love thy enemy” is at the heart of their actions. The Master must be at the heart of all of us who follow Him. God’s love for us is great; give it away and you will be blessed!