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God loves us unconditionally. Our love for Him ought to be at the highest level, that we love God more than anything or anyone else. We give God our best. When I say love God, more than you love anything else, I am not taking anything away from family. He is the giver of the gift of family, but we should love the giver more than the gift. At your job, you are required to give your best and you should do so. But, give God your best for He has provided you the opportunity to work. This list goes on about how we should honor God. Not giving Him anything left over. This is true today. Give God the best you have. Exodus 34:26 is our scriptural text today.  

“As you harvest your crops, bring the very best of the first harvest to the house of the Lord your God. ‘You must not cook a young goat in its mother’s milk.’”

In Exodus 34:36, the writer makes it clear that the people harvest their crops. He encourages them to bring their first and best to the House of the Lord. He does not want them to bring God leftover sacrificial offerings. Moses calls upon the people to honor the Lord with their substance. Six days a week, they work but on the seventh day, they celebrate the blessings of the Lord. Their sacrificial offering must be of grateful value. Moses was concerned that the people offer God their highest praises and offerings. That same commitment to give God our best is still relevant and vital today as we honor God. I pray that you are giving God the best in all that you do with your tithes, offerings, time, talents, and service to Him at the highest level.