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As believers, we should always give God our best. God gave us His best in His Son, Jesus Christ. We cannot serve God half-heartedly, but we must be willing to serve Him with our whole heart, soul, and mind. We are not doing God any favors by serving Him with little enthusiasm. Whatever we do for God should be done with our very best. Serve Him with all that we have within us at all times. In Colossians 3:23, we find these words:

“Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the LORD rather than for people.”

The writer is simply telling the people to give God their best. He told them to please the people, but do it for the glory of God, then they would be rewarded. Following these instructions, God would get the glory and the people would be blessed. When you get a chance, read this entire chapter. And may you always give God your best in all that you do.