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On this Sunday morning, as countless people make their way into the house of God,
prayerfully worshipers will give glory to His Name. Prayerfully they will worship
God in the beauty of holiness and give thanks for the many blessings they have
received. Prayerfully in giving glory to His Name it’s not something we do only on
Sunday, but we give God praise every day! Every day that He gives us breath we
should give glory to His Name. He deserves the glory and the honor. He is magnificent.
All that we have comes from Him; all that we are and ever will be is because of Him.
So give glory and praise to Him today for all His bountiful blessings! He is worthy, so
worthy to be praised! In Psalm 29:2 we find these words:

“Honor the Lord for the glory of his name. Worship the Lord in the splendor
of his holiness.”

Here the psalmist seeks to honor God. He recognizes God is deserving of the honor
and the glory. Throughout the Psalm, the psalmist called upon the Lord to strengthen
the people. The strength of the Lord, which is a powerful voice, is magnificent.
Everyone shouting “Glory” is a magnificent sound of strength! The
psalmist asked the Lord to give strength to His people and the Lord
blessed them. Today, let God know that you are grateful for all that
He has done in your life. We can all say: Thank You God for your
Glory. Thank You for how you have given us strength. Thank You
for how You have blessed us beyond words. Glory, Hallelujah to
Your Name!