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I’m constantly asking God to examine me.  I do this, because I’m fully aware that I need to take inventory of my life.  I also need God to guide me so the deficiencies in my life may be clearly revealed to me.  I, like most people, can easily see defects in others, but have a hard time acknowledging my own.  I have not arrived. That is something I need to say continually to God and myself.  I would argue strongly that far too many of our brothers and sisters in the Lord fail to see the imperfection in their lives, but can easily see and define others.  This is hard examination, for it takes honesty and vulnerability to take an inward look at oneself.   This is why today’s scripture in Matthew 7:3 is profound.

“And why worry about a speck in your friend’s eye when you have a log in your own?

Here, our Savior is directing us on how to conduct ourselves in reference to the faults of others, giving a caution against judging. One who does not try to improve is a hypocrite.  One may be good at covering up their own sins and find it easy to criticize others.  The speck in their eye really indicates a lack of love.  Matthew gives a clear description of this hypocritical action. These words call us to be accountable that y first looking at ourselves.  As I mentioned earlier, it is so easy to look at someone else. If we are honest, we will acknowledge we have specks in our eyes, we have beams in our eyes, and sometimes, even blinders on our eyes.  It is my fervent prayer today that God will open our eyes so we can see ourselves as He sees us and we can see others as we see ourselves.

Matthew 7:3 (NLT)