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When you have been in your home for a period of time, it is easy to develop clutter. If we are honest, most of us have clutter in our homes: things with little or no meaning that just take up space. That may not be so bad. What is worse is meaningless clutter that has accumulated in our life that has taken our eyes off the Lord. It becomes necessary to get rid of the clutter in our lives. As we draw near to the end of the year, it is a good time to take inventory, and get rid of all the junk in our lives, to begin the New Year fresh. It is clean up time. Let me be honest, I know I have clutter in my life that I definitely need to get rid of. Now is the time. A portion of scripture that speaks of getting rid of the clutter in your lives is Proverbs 19:24:

“Lazy people take food in their hand but don’t even lift it to their mouth.”

The writer of this wisdom literature speaks throughout this chapter about the clutter in the lives of people. He beings the chapter by writing that it is better to be poor and honest than to be dishonest and a fool. In verse 24, he speaks about how lazy people cannot even pick up a fork to eat. Their lives are cluttered with laziness; they do not do anything and don’t want to amount to anything. They will not even eat the food in their hand. That is so deep! This chapter instructs the reader how to live without clutter. At the same time, it speaks of what happens when we cannot move forward for all the clutter is in our lives. I often refer to the words in my office that remind me of God’s commands in my life: Stay humble, work hard, and be kind. You cannot do that with clutter in your life. I pray that your life is free from clutter.