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I could write a book about forgiveness. I have said previously that no matter how much we have grown in the Lord, countless people still find it hard to forgive others. We need to realize that forgiveness is a blessing. It comes by the love and mercy of God and as we are forgiven, we need to forgive others. Perhaps, we should look at it in this manner. When we forgive, we ourselves receive a blessing, because it frees and releases us from the hurt and pain that has been caused. We are liberated and set free when we forgive others. We do ourselves a great injustice when we are not able to forgive. We miss blessings that are ours to receive. I cannot make this any plainer than that. Blessings are awaiting us the moment we forgive others and ourselves. Today’s scripture reference is Psalm 32:2.

“Yes, what joy for those whose record the Lord has cleared of guilt, whose lives are lived in complete honesty!”

What a deep and profound passage! Joy is given, the psalmist declares. When the Lord has cleared us from guilt, we are able to live in complete honesty. We receive a blessing when we confess our sins and stop trying to hide our guilt. We waste much valuable time by allowing our hearts to be hardened and fail to receive the blessing of forgiveness. The psalmist confesses his sins and realizes the need to forgive others. He declares that all his guilt is gone. Freedom has come. When you get a chance read this entire psalm. Prayerfully, you will finally get the point, that forgiveness is a blessing, and we should forgive someone this day. There is no other way to live and experience the joy of the Lord the way the psalmist did.