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This devotion is one I had to ask God to give me the wisdom and sensitivity to write.  For any time you use the word fool you run the risk of being perceived to be self-righteous or judgmental.  Fool is not loosely used in this devotion for it comes from the very Word of God.  I never want to call anyone a fool, because I do not have the wisdom or knowledge to do that.  I must admit I have heard some foolish talk.  I have heard people say from time to time, “I am not necessarily an atheist. I just keep my mind open in case there is a God.”  That boggles my mind.  They do not want to admit fully that they do not believe; they just want to leave room not to be proved wrong.   I have also heard people say they are not religious but spiritual.  They do not attend any church but they do believe in the high mighty power.   I wrestle with those thoughts as I focus on what the Word of God has to say. There is a word in this portion of scripture today in Psalm 14:

 “Only fools say in their hearts, ‘There is no God.’ They are corrupt, and their actions are evil; not one of them does good!”

Here the psalmist deals with the practical and ethical character of denial in someone he calls a fool. This individual, to some degree, denies the power and existence of God.  He also indicates how ungodly they are, but he does not end there but goes on to say God looks down from heaven upon them.  They gain God’s attention to see if they are acting wisely or foolishly.  God is trying to find something that will please Him in their foolish ways.  When you read this psalm, you will also see God will lay his wrath upon them who deny His existence and say there is no God.  It is not for us to judge them; God will do that.  In fact, it is not even for us to call them fools for their attitude and their ways make that clear.  Thanks be unto God He still looks with a loving eye upon them and provides them with an opportunity to turn from their foolish ways and seek Him.  There is a fate for the ungodly, but there is also a reward for the godly.  Prayerfully, you are wise enough to avoid fool’s talk and honor God with godly words.