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For these devotions, I often refer to the book of Proverbs because it guides us in our daily living. It gives us discernment, for many times we are confused about what is right or wrong. Sometimes wrong seems right and right seems wrong. However, the Word of God brings us what is right and honorable. The Word of God is clear; it erases all confusion. In Proverbs 16:25, we find these words:

“There is a path before each person that seems right, but it ends in death.”

This is amazing because it is a repetition of the words recorded in Proverbs 14:12. The writer uses these two verses to emphasize their importance. It is also a warning for those who simply do not get it. There is always a penalty or consequence for going outside of God’s will: the wrong way will produce death. Praise God today for those of us who follow the right path in honoring God. We will reap a season of blessings.