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It is so important that we keep our eyes on the Lord. We cannot take our eyes off Him for a minute. When we behold Him, we see far beyond our fleshly eyes. He gives us divine revelation to see things with the mind and heart of God. Whenever we are going through trials or tribulations, always keep your eyes fixed on God. Don’t blink or turn your eyes toward the enemy or the obstacle that you face. Look beyond that heavy burden and see the hand of God. In Numbers 20:10, we find these words:

“Then he and Aaron summoned the people to come and gather at the rock. ‘Listen, you rebels’ he shouted. ‘Must we bring you water from this rock?’”

The people are in the wilderness, in a dry place without water to drink. The Lord appeared to Moses and told him to assemble the people and to tell the rock to bring forth water to quench their thirst. The Word says, in verse 11, that Moses lifted his hand, hit the rock twice and the water flowed abundantly and the people drank. God spoke to Moses and Moses responded. The people were mumbling and complaining and had taken their eyes off God. Nevertheless, God reminded them of His all-seeing eye, and let them know that He never slumbers nor sleeps. If we keep our eyes on Him, He will bring to pass all that we stand in need of. We may not be able to see the way, but God knows the way. We just need to trust Him, and keep our eyes fixed on God!