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The Lord is a firm foundation. He is our anchor and our rock. We can depend on Him
no matter what. Our foundation is built on Christ Jesus, the Solid Rock, and therefore
we are standing on a secure, firm foundation. Jesus will hold us in the hollow of His
hands. His hands are strong and mighty, and we will be secure against whatever comes
our way. We can put our trust and faith in Him, and He will sustain us. Praise God
today for a firm foundation! What a mighty God we serve! In Isaiah 33:6, we find these words:
“In that day he will be your sure foundation, providing a rich store of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge. The fear of the LORD will be your treasure.”
The author is confident that the Lord is a Strong Tower. He knows that the Lord is great and that He will bless the people of Jerusalem. They will soon know for sure that He is a firm foundation because He will grant them wisdom and peace. They would discover for themselves the blessings of serving the Lord. The
reverence of the Lord will be their treasure. He will supply their every need according to His riches. There is no need for them to feel sick and helpless; the Lord not only forgives their sins, but He will heal them. He will show them His power and His might. Thank God today that we have this same firm foundation!