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With God, all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). When your faith is strong, it can make the impossible – possible. Faith in God can take you to places you have never been open doors that have never been opened. Faith in God will allow you to do great and mighty things. When God speaks to you and your faith is secure, you will achieve that which others said was impossible. Let me caution you: you cannot have a weak, feeble faith; you must have a faith that is strong and secure. In Judges 6:14, we find these words:

Then the Lord turned to him and said, ‘Go with the strength you have, and rescue Israel from the Midianites. I am sending you!’”

Gideon had no idea that God was going to use him in the work of restoration. The idea that he would deliver Israel was overwhelming and he was afraid. Nevertheless, the Lord sent him to save Israel from the hands of the Midianites. Gideon stepped out on faith and did as the Lord commanded. In spite of his fears, what Gideon thought was impossible, God made possible!  I pray today that whatever tasks the Lord has given you, your faith is strong enough for you to trust God. Do not allow fear or doubt to get in your way.  Just remember this story as evidence of how God can make the impossible – possible. No matter how many times it has been said, it is still true; nothing is impossible with God.