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I recently heard someone say that failure is not fatal but failing to try could be. We
will all experience failure in our lives, how we deal with it is crucial. When we fail
at something, we cannot afford to quit. We may not talk about it, but we have all
have experienced failure. Hopefully, it has made us stronger and our determination
has increased.
Even those claiming loyalty to Jesus disappointed Him. In Mark 14:27, we read:

“On the way, Jesus told them, ‘All of you will desert me. For the
Scriptures say, ‘God will strike the Shepherd, and the sheep will be

It is interesting that before this denial took place, the Master knew that the disciples
would deny knowing Him. In this passage, Jesus was not surprised or
caught off guard, nor did He allow those who had scattered to deter Him
from His journey because He knew the vulnerabilities that His disciples
would face. This is deep and profound. How would we respond if we
knew that someone we depended on would fail us in our time of need? Know that
there is no failure in God. May we face failure with the same determination and
commitment that Jesus demonstrated.