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It is so important that we keep our eyes on the Lord; otherwise, we may find ourselves walking in darkness. We cannot take our eyes off the Lord for a minute, or we will surely fall. We need the Lord’s guidance, every day. If we try doing things our own, we may make a mess of our lives as well as the lives of others. Think about the times you took your eyes off the Lord and recall what happened. Did you make a mess of your life when you tried to handle things on your own? I remember that when I took my eyes off the Lord, I made a mess of my life, but thanks be to God for His twins, Grace and Mercy! Even though we may have taken our eyes off Him, He never takes His eyes off us! In Proverbs 4:25, we find these words:

“Look straight ahead, and fix your eyes on what lies before you.”

The writer gives us sound advice. He simply says,” look straight ahead.” Keep your eyes on what lies before you. In other words, stay on the same path, and do not get sidetracked. Keep your feet from following evil and do not lose sight of the Lord. Throughout this chapter, wise advice is given for living a fruitful life. If we keep our eyes on the Lord, we cannot go wrong. He will lead us and guide us, every step of the way.