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Whenever God blesses us, we need to thank Him! He has a way of blessing our lives in so many wonderful ways. When we look back over our lives and see what He has done, we are astonished and amazed at how He has granted to us our hearts’ desire. Take a moment to reflect upon the blessings He has given to you. Today’s devotion focuses on eternal blessings as found in Psalm 21:6.

 “You have endowed him with eternal blessings and given him the joy of your presence.”

In this moving passage, we see how the king expresses his praise unto God. The king has received his heart’s desire for God has not held anything from him. God has given him a crown of pure gold that is on his head. The king’s future is filled with eternal blessings. The length of his days will be filled with rich and generous blessings. The king has found favor because he has kept his faith and trust in the Lord. The 21st Psalm is filled with gratitude. Take a moment to read it. Prayerfully, today, you have a heart of gratitude for the many blessings He has given to you. They are eternal and flow day in and day out. They are like a river that never runs dry. Praise God today for eternal blessings.