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I have mentioned numerous times, as I conclude the service on our Church Without Walls, I say, Be kind to someone. Forgive someone. Encourage someone this day. We all need to be encouraged. Encouraging words go a long way for they lift our spirits and reaffirm us. As we receive encouraging words, we need to encourage others. Someone today needs an encouraging word. You may be that someone God will use to brighten someone’s day. I Thessalonians 5:11 serves as our devotional text today:

 “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

These are practical words of exhortation. The writer makes clear that we are not only to comfort one another; we are to edify one another. Paul and his fellow laborers in the Lord speak to the people to lift their spirit. It is a labor of love that they are to share. The Thessalonians are urged to live in every way to please God. He speaks of the need to honor leadership and those who admonish you and love those who serve you. Find a way to encourage your pastor, your shepherd, your bishop and those who serve you. They receive much criticism, from outsiders and church members. A card will go a long way. Know that God has not chosen perfect people. You may see flaws and shortcomings in those who lead. However, the question I always ask is if God were to use perfect people, who would He use? None of us would qualify. He will give you pastors after His own heart. Take the time to not only encourage them but also encourage one another.