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It is so important that when we encourage each other in love, we have a heart to warn those when we see them going astray.  We do not do the warning by being self-righteous, judgmental or egotistical.  Our warning comes out of our deep and abiding love we have for our brothers and sisters in Christ.  I am grateful to God for the many people that surround me, love me, encourage me and help me from creating a mess.  They have taken the time to pray for me and offer me another solution to the problem I was trying to address.  With my best intentions, if I had proceeded in that manner I wanted to, it would have fallen on death ears.  God will put people in your life who love you want the best for you and will warn you when they see you going in the wrong direction.  I cannot count the times I have been helped by a simple warning, “pastor, don’t do that”, and then they would add, “I am telling you because I love you and it is for your own benefit”.  Prayerfully you receive what I am saying in the spirit of humility and that it will help you in some way. This matter of encouraging one another is part of our responsibility as believers.  The scripture reference is Hebrews 3:13:

 “You must warn each other every day, while it is still ‘today’, so that none of you will be deceived by sin and hardened against God.”

Here in this moving passage of scripture, we see our mutual responsibility. The King James version uses the words “exhort one another”; the teaching is sound.  Do not fall away from God. Throughout this chapter, the writer speaks about the need of not having evil lodge in your heart.  He gives this continuous warning to the people of God not to be rebellious and not to fall away from God but rather be partakers of Christ.  When you get a chance read this entire chapter.  Today, encourage someone.  For that matter, when you see someone that you love drifting away, pray for them and gently and lovingly remind them of the love of God so that they may be renewed and continue in their relationship with God.