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This devotion is one that I could write a book about for there is no pain like emotional pain. I have said that believers can be depressed. Depression is real! It can rob you of the joys of life. I was in a restaurant one day and I heard a wife speaking to another sister about her husband’s pain. She said that it is hard for her husband to get out of bed. He had no desire to function or live. She constantly prays that God will relieve him of his depression. I believe that the same remedy we seek for physical pain, we should seek for emotional pain. Seek God. See a doctor, see a counselor; do not be in denial. The gospel of John, in John 11:35, serves as our reference for this devotion.

 “Jesus wept.”

In this moving passage of scripture, Jesus, The Master Teacher, confronts Mary as she weeps. Her brother, Lazarus, has died and she feels the pain. Jesus is moved by her emotion. He had empathy towards her, knowing her grief was painful and hard for her to bear. Her love for her brother was deep. She went to his grave and stood there weeping and crying. However, in this case, Jesus knew His plan was to bring Lazarus back to life. Thanks, be unto God that He can turn our weeping into joy. Whatever your emotional needs are today, know that God cares and that He can give you peace. 

John 11:35 (KJV)