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Today’s devotion, Dress Godly, is one that speaks clearly about how believers ought to dress. Before reading further, I am not talking about the clothes you wear. I would argue that many of us criticize people based upon their outward appearance. I see that in church sometimes where others are looked upon as not holy because of what they are wearing. Our dress does not determine us. You can own expensive garbs and still not be living with royalty. On the other hand, you may have on shabby clothes and have a heart that pleases God. Galatians 3:12 is our text today.

“This way of faith is very different from the way of law, which says, ‘It is through obeying the law that a person has life.’”

Paul, the humble servant of the Lord speaks to God’s people, calling them the chosen ones: the ones that God has blessed with His righteousness. They are to have their hearts pure and to let their lives praise Him by having a forgiving and loving heart. Paul speaks of the five virtues of Christian love: kindness, meekness, forgiveness, loving, longsuffering. They are to be dressed in the love of God. I pray that you are not trying to dress to impress, but that you are dressing up in the garments of God to be a witness for God and you are not preoccupied with what you’re wearing as much as what is within. May all that you do give glory to God and may God be pleased with the garment that flows from your heart.